Tuesday, April 28, 2009

chris needs to do some reading some time...

and since i know he'll eventually read this, ill write him something.

had one eventful day today

-got b!tc#ed at my amber reid... again (so sophmoric)
-pwned that star test (yeah i use pwned) thanks to connor...
-took a pretty good listen to show tufli (he's ok, but not on the CH level)
*talked to maribel again... whatever, it was short and not infuriating,
maybe ill rescend the whole "stop talking to her completely" thing
-knocked some d-bag out of a chair (jacob lemons)
yeah just sit down
shut up or i'll throw you out of that chair
you wont do it, i want you to
get up
SUB: did you just knock him out of the chair?
yeah, he asked me to do it
*looks his way for conformation*
*nods* yeah, i did
insert [OWNED!] (felt over 9000 about it)
-supersmashed my art history portfolio, done two weeks early and with extra credit work
-showed that nigga jeremiah whats good with the megaman
(thought he could win when i taught him how to play...imus target)
-got in trouble
--threw the little sis(bro)ther into the pool with all his clothes on
(punishment=not allowed to eat for two days [yeah, that'll happen] lmGao)

ahh, other blogworthy stuff in the domepiece, but not for now.

until next time its,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

even when i feel dumb, im mentally up there >yeah i said it<

im confused about a lot at the moment
its to the point to where i can't articulate it in its entirety.
i may blog about it later once i can...

but im am pretty upset/mad that a "friend" blaitantly lied to me
-she has no idea that i know... and im not gunna bring it up ever, im just not talking to her anymore... f*ck her. dead ass

listening to the manipulation by wale,
right now that's how i feel about women, i thought about being the bad guy, but i dont plan to just mess with someone's emotions.
-i think thats mature, but hey, i also think im a genius, unattractive, and a good lyricist

speakin of lyrics, an idiot had the nerve to call me out on some musical stuff...
not even gunna black about that, the lame doesent deserve my energy.
(we're still friends though)
and at the end of the day, thats what matters;
but im sure anyone with taste would agree that im better.
-but who nows, i might actually suck (but that's unlikely) lol

and that's just the stuff i can articulate

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Relationship Status

a female needs to fall in love with me like... now
dead ass, i'm tired of being single,
the fact that like everyone is pairing up is just throwing it in my face

on the protonic side, it got me to write this

Oxygen Mask, by robert (THE) allen
-title definition : i feel isolated / left out

it seems like love's in the air
and i'm not filling my lungs
suckin' in my own gas
and its really no fun
i'm not jealous of my fellas but i want the same
someone to have, to hold, you know, the real thing
but congrats to my dudes your work just paid off
but damn i'd never would've guessed that i'd get laid off
i really wanna be employed
just like all of my boys
group dates are soundin' great
but i need a chick to enjoy

like i said, congrats guys, i just wanna share the joy, get me?
that's not being selfish

-am i congratulatory?
-am i jealous?
-am i understandable?
-am i bitching?
-am i crazy? >you already know< haha
-am i asking too many questions?

^ the last one was a joke ^

-robert allen

life is so good in my neck of the woods (especially for my fellow woodsmen haha)

for stuff that didn't happen directly to me
-happy for others
im not in a good mood but but im happy
-paradox much?
im just on a super buzz about all the great things happening to people around me (you know)
-and the say i'm evil haha
birthday friday
got headphones
downloaded asher's cd (tried to buy it, target smokes the pole)
and im not grounded

alex's scenario*
connor's scenario *
(will happen soon) matt's scenario ***
congrats guys, i guess all the crap paid off
if i found a lady this would be amazing
-not saying that to keep up, >A,C,M< just something i've wanted


Sunday, April 19, 2009


suck. dead ass.
i've been to two funerals in my life, i didn't know either of the people.
that may seem good - i didn't lose someone close
but it sucked anyway - i felt guilty for not feeling bad
-on top of feeling bad for those who did lose someone close.
--rest in peace annie serrella brooks--
"you live forever through the legacy you leave."

the whole time out there, i really didn't like it but i lerned a lot, so i guess the trip was worthwile.

some other things passed away other than the shell of my great aunt.

rest in peace to my curiosity as to why my dad doesn't bring us around family.
i found out i'm related to a lot of people who are full of "rhetoric" lol.
i'm not gunna go into detail strictly because i'm not in the mood to type too much...

my respect for (a few more) >read older entries< family members died as well.

-robert allen

oh wait! what would you say during a eulogy at MY funeral???
-is anyone gunna miss me?
either way eff it. i'll be dead, too late to start appreciating (or hating) me
-but i am curious

~turns up "La Di Da" by Asher Roth >buy his album tommorrow<

ok i'm finally done with the post (took me long enough)
-ending transmission. Peace

i think this one is good enough for the blog

the petals of a daisy
the color of the sun
in yellow you're amazing
better than number one
i've dreamt of seeing pure beauty yes it is true
but i'll never imagine one even comparing to you
and to just say you look exquisite is such an understatement
but nothing could do you justice, im speechless let's face it
you're breathtaking
even inspiring awe
i could stare at you for hours
never finding a flaw

Kim - im glad you liked it

Cam - please forgive me (sike lmgao)

charles - yeah, i did it. >not plagarism buddy<

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


damn... im getting type tired of people as a whole. its almost as if someone can't be logical & morally intact at the same time, and some of the people who are have the debillitating quality of bad association. the world is f*ckin up. (i cuss too much, i'm gunna try and limit it on the blog) and the fact that conformity is on the rise is also all bad.

i get gawked at for how i dress, people talk about me when they think i can't hear them, some people pop off in my face, and some bitch (that cuss was nessecary)[mrs glenn] had the nerve to say im like kany west. - i'm a big fan of the man, but no way in hell am i like him. i'm a creative individual who doesn't draw upon others to formulate his own identidy. its like being different makes you the same now because everyone is "different". well with me its effortless (trust and believe a grip of people have to try to be "themselves"- its called insecurity), i don't try to be this way, it just happens, so therefore there's nobody like me, digg? - i digress, that proves that people need to analyze things from various vantadge points, look at the qualities of other styles and the world will be a better place.
-do absolutely nothing, im not affected
by you bandwagon riding simpletons
-white is nothing, conformists are nothing
[digg the visual rhetoric]"perception is reality, but my reality has nothing to do with your perception of me"
[yeah, THE allen]

Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Goal, New Clothes

so yesterday was my great grandma's 89th birthday. theres like 5 generations going on my moms side of the family. so after all the formal celebrating,
(in a convalescent hospital, how fun)
>she and i both hate it there<
the women (in retrospect they're not) start talking, eventually the conversation brings up their thoughts on men/marriage. they unanimously think you should only marry someone financiall well off and also, its ok to go out on a date just because the person will pay. guess who just lost a lost of respect for all of them?
So now my new goal is to raise my daughter to not be like that, id rather have her date someone she actually loves that is broke instead of someone she just uses.
(id get disowned if anyone in my family read that lol)

on the positive of the day though, my great grandmother lived to be 89, some of my family actually got together, and in my selfish benefit; i got new clothes. me, my aunt, and my little brother just slipped away cuz i wanted to leave the hospital but we had no plan. my aunt decides to go to return some clothes she didnt want to fill the void. i didnt exactly feel like watching her look for clothes so i wandered off to the mens section not really looking for anything. found a polo i liked (they're my new material obsession) and went to the register. my aunt sees this and decides to buy it for me despite my arguing over it [she won, she said it was a birthday present]. she even tells me to grab another one and suggests a pink one. i know am the proud owner of a pink polo lol
(thought of the charles hamilton song)
-and i wonder... if you know... what it means... what it means... haha

-robert allen

and oh yeah, happy easter

Friday, April 10, 2009

today was

not something i expected seeing as i spent most of it waith my family. breakfast,golfing,movie,dinner, back to back.
the only drama was due to our food getting messed up.
i suck like that bridgette chick (super blacked! lol) at golfing and the movie was so boring i fell asleep but the day was actually pleasant enough for me to want to do it again.

and now...
listen to that charles tape i havent gotten to yet or watch oceans 11 like ive planned on all week?
hmm decisions decisions...
-robert allen

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Finally did it

so i decided to finally go through with creating a blog.
now myspacers wont have to worry about dealing with my overly complex bulletins.
people can just look at this if they choose.
i wonder if ill have an audience, i dont need an audience, i hope i have an audience, if not oh well.
expect the same crap i put out now: my inner thoughts and my lyrics that i still need to record.
im probably gunna use this thing way too much now.