Tuesday, April 28, 2009

chris needs to do some reading some time...

and since i know he'll eventually read this, ill write him something.

had one eventful day today

-got b!tc#ed at my amber reid... again (so sophmoric)
-pwned that star test (yeah i use pwned) thanks to connor...
-took a pretty good listen to show tufli (he's ok, but not on the CH level)
*talked to maribel again... whatever, it was short and not infuriating,
maybe ill rescend the whole "stop talking to her completely" thing
-knocked some d-bag out of a chair (jacob lemons)
yeah just sit down
shut up or i'll throw you out of that chair
you wont do it, i want you to
get up
SUB: did you just knock him out of the chair?
yeah, he asked me to do it
*looks his way for conformation*
*nods* yeah, i did
insert [OWNED!] (felt over 9000 about it)
-supersmashed my art history portfolio, done two weeks early and with extra credit work
-showed that nigga jeremiah whats good with the megaman
(thought he could win when i taught him how to play...imus target)
-got in trouble
--threw the little sis(bro)ther into the pool with all his clothes on
(punishment=not allowed to eat for two days [yeah, that'll happen] lmGao)

ahh, other blogworthy stuff in the domepiece, but not for now.

until next time its,

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