Wednesday, April 22, 2009

even when i feel dumb, im mentally up there >yeah i said it<

im confused about a lot at the moment
its to the point to where i can't articulate it in its entirety.
i may blog about it later once i can...

but im am pretty upset/mad that a "friend" blaitantly lied to me
-she has no idea that i know... and im not gunna bring it up ever, im just not talking to her anymore... f*ck her. dead ass

listening to the manipulation by wale,
right now that's how i feel about women, i thought about being the bad guy, but i dont plan to just mess with someone's emotions.
-i think thats mature, but hey, i also think im a genius, unattractive, and a good lyricist

speakin of lyrics, an idiot had the nerve to call me out on some musical stuff...
not even gunna black about that, the lame doesent deserve my energy.
(we're still friends though)
and at the end of the day, thats what matters;
but im sure anyone with taste would agree that im better.
-but who nows, i might actually suck (but that's unlikely) lol

and that's just the stuff i can articulate

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