Sunday, April 19, 2009


suck. dead ass.
i've been to two funerals in my life, i didn't know either of the people.
that may seem good - i didn't lose someone close
but it sucked anyway - i felt guilty for not feeling bad
-on top of feeling bad for those who did lose someone close.
--rest in peace annie serrella brooks--
"you live forever through the legacy you leave."

the whole time out there, i really didn't like it but i lerned a lot, so i guess the trip was worthwile.

some other things passed away other than the shell of my great aunt.

rest in peace to my curiosity as to why my dad doesn't bring us around family.
i found out i'm related to a lot of people who are full of "rhetoric" lol.
i'm not gunna go into detail strictly because i'm not in the mood to type too much...

my respect for (a few more) >read older entries< family members died as well.

-robert allen

oh wait! what would you say during a eulogy at MY funeral???
-is anyone gunna miss me?
either way eff it. i'll be dead, too late to start appreciating (or hating) me
-but i am curious

~turns up "La Di Da" by Asher Roth >buy his album tommorrow<

ok i'm finally done with the post (took me long enough)
-ending transmission. Peace

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