Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Goal, New Clothes

so yesterday was my great grandma's 89th birthday. theres like 5 generations going on my moms side of the family. so after all the formal celebrating,
(in a convalescent hospital, how fun)
>she and i both hate it there<
the women (in retrospect they're not) start talking, eventually the conversation brings up their thoughts on men/marriage. they unanimously think you should only marry someone financiall well off and also, its ok to go out on a date just because the person will pay. guess who just lost a lost of respect for all of them?
So now my new goal is to raise my daughter to not be like that, id rather have her date someone she actually loves that is broke instead of someone she just uses.
(id get disowned if anyone in my family read that lol)

on the positive of the day though, my great grandmother lived to be 89, some of my family actually got together, and in my selfish benefit; i got new clothes. me, my aunt, and my little brother just slipped away cuz i wanted to leave the hospital but we had no plan. my aunt decides to go to return some clothes she didnt want to fill the void. i didnt exactly feel like watching her look for clothes so i wandered off to the mens section not really looking for anything. found a polo i liked (they're my new material obsession) and went to the register. my aunt sees this and decides to buy it for me despite my arguing over it [she won, she said it was a birthday present]. she even tells me to grab another one and suggests a pink one. i know am the proud owner of a pink polo lol
(thought of the charles hamilton song)
-and i wonder... if you know... what it means... what it means... haha

-robert allen

and oh yeah, happy easter

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