Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Relationship Status

a female needs to fall in love with me like... now
dead ass, i'm tired of being single,
the fact that like everyone is pairing up is just throwing it in my face

on the protonic side, it got me to write this

Oxygen Mask, by robert (THE) allen
-title definition : i feel isolated / left out

it seems like love's in the air
and i'm not filling my lungs
suckin' in my own gas
and its really no fun
i'm not jealous of my fellas but i want the same
someone to have, to hold, you know, the real thing
but congrats to my dudes your work just paid off
but damn i'd never would've guessed that i'd get laid off
i really wanna be employed
just like all of my boys
group dates are soundin' great
but i need a chick to enjoy

like i said, congrats guys, i just wanna share the joy, get me?
that's not being selfish

-am i congratulatory?
-am i jealous?
-am i understandable?
-am i bitching?
-am i crazy? >you already know< haha
-am i asking too many questions?

^ the last one was a joke ^

-robert allen

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