Saturday, May 23, 2009

nice fckin job

this n1gga was blackin.
i mean, i'm an advocate for being real, but going in on her like that?
hey, alls fair in love & lyrics so i guess it wasn't too ridiculous.
-i feel their pain though,
being raw has consequences,
& involvement comes with the possibility of exposure.
but the fist? idk if that was neccescary, then again inadvertantly saying you had sex with someone raw and they're pregnant might've been on the brink too.

the fact that he's that raw is why im such a huge fan/"starchaser"
-a site that shows why some people shouldn't freestyle battle lol

~new thought~
i need to get this coloration scheme straight on the blog, im not just doing it to add color.
reiterations;overall messages;exclamations
the other person in the situation
number 3 - just in case it gets there
stuff that's pleasant
my pessimistic internal questions
deepest thoughts/truths
stuff that has shown itself to lack importance;it's nothing
pleasnt overthinking; charles hamilton related stuff
a little less than green/the darker pink if charles hamilton is also within the same post
Black - stuff that i shouldn't tell people but do anyway, in a not so subliminal fashion
all the rest/the "G" in lmGao

ignore all color in past posts cuz im sure it's been mixed up a few times
-im saying that like im not gunna mess up later...

"rawer than a marlin, fresh up out the water"
-wale, W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.

-robertTHEallen (and obviously charles hamilton lmGao)

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