Saturday, May 16, 2009


eff it. to all the negativity that has recently arisen.

there's wayyy to much beauty and bliss in my life to stay down i guess.
(or maybe im just a hippie lol)

but i still think my mom needs to change.
this relationship is too hazardous.
-like i mean i love her, she's my mom. but i think she's a terrible person.

but i digress, let me talk about that goody goody....
that dance yesterday was close to perfect.
-stuck up girls went extinct last night
(and it was dope!)
-nigged it up with the black folk lol
-that tiffany chick... woah..., just about sums it up
-finally danced with monica*
that dead deserves an asterisk
there were only a few small alterations that would've made it better
-ari going*
-amy going
-the dj not cutting the damn music off
-jonny and his, exstatic adventure... (whatever, the nigga lived)
but like i said, close to perfect.
they'd all be like that if people just stopped the hate for a second to just have fun.
we all need to work on that one.
insert quickie
i really digg bloggin now.
i say all this stuff anyway just not as concentrated and get ignored. at least this way i know someone hears it all (so what if i'm that person)
being my own audience makes sure the reader gets the writer
ok i'm done now...

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