Sunday, May 17, 2009

girlfriends are great

actually, they're not. lol
so many relationships suck.

but i want one anyway, one that doesn't fit the stereotype.

actually working on that now.
-if at first you don't suceed, brush yourself off and try again
i love leaving subliminals like that lol
-i doubt anyone would think enough to get that one though

i have a feeling im gunna be writing a lot in the near future,
depending on the "relationship" thing.
the titles will probably be either Victory at Last, or Strike Two
but knowing me that will change, it always does.

shouldn't be putting this up here, i'll look max stupid if i mess everything up...
oh well, "eff it like paid prostitutes" lol

done with all these details that only i get lol,

(and yes, there is a reason for the changes in signiature)

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