Tuesday, May 5, 2009

i really want (NEED) to

to move out.
like dead ass right now.
im so tired of living in a house full of ignorance.

im apparently "whitewashed"
-GOD do i hate that term.

is there a standard for white people?
are they all the same?

well according to my mother, they are
"yeah they all think that they're better than black people and can talk to them any ol kinda way..."

well thats coming from someone who swears that I now think im tough because im taller than my dad, despite the fact that i profess that i know he could undoubtedbly murder me bare handed.

--end result, im too different from the rest of my family.
i dont think race determines character at all, so im obviously just an oblivious hippie who is blinded to the horrors of the "white man"
yeah its not like i believe that the white race has fucked over every civilization its came into contact with or anything....
-and to clarify, i know none of my "white" friends have absolutely nothing to do with that

*so fuckin sick of race relations, so dont even call me black anymore.
the GREEN kid with black skin...

and this doesnt even explain how my morning went...

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