Saturday, May 30, 2009

i wish

i knew some talented musicians. (singers in particular)
im not saying that to knock the ones i know...
everybody i have heard & know personally has some type of talent, i just dont know any good lyricists.
-the "bruno boyz" cant rap, like at all, lets face it, but i think they are some damn good producers. i wish i knew how to make beats to that degree, they're gifted there.
~watch dumb niggas say that was a diss~

but i digress...
i wish i knew some people who i can vibe with on a creative level;
-yeah i know i havent recorded anything since i was a little kid, (funny story about that later)
but i already think of collaborations.
i just finished writing a song called tell me lies,
(& i wanna thank drake for inspiration)
& i think itd be way better with a good singer on the hook, & a sung verse.
now i run into a problem, as i dont know anyone with the voice i think it needs...
why cant i live in new york or something wheres theres always a slew of people who make music publicly?

(in the rare event that) any singers happen to read this blog & wanna work with me?;
hit me up at
email -

aka... idk, i dont know if i wanna use rada93 as an artist name anymore...

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