Monday, May 11, 2009

im a monster im a im a monster

no. you're a prick who pretends to be harder than you are in lyrics to cope with societal pressure.
-i hope the "boyz" read my blog even though im sure they dont.

dude, rappers suck. like dead ass.
i consider myself the best rapper at my school, and in the city, & im not even a rapper.
(i just write ill lyrics)

im not bulleting this just to avoid the whole "do you hate jonny" thing again.
i like the nigga, dont like the music, but he's not too bad.

ehh... i guess re-blacking on him wouldn't do much if its not public though, so i guess this will be just a commentative blog.

oh. ps. i should really start recording lyrics...

-your friendly neighborhood robertTHEallen

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