Friday, May 8, 2009

jimmy the crow

is another alias im giving myself
for the time being im at 3, not accounting the attactments to originals
-rada93, nine trey
-eSKay, S.Killa Tha Villan (i havent explained that one yet)
-and like i just said, jimmy the crow
*robertTHEallen encompases them all, as i created them all.

i kinda like the seperate but equal thing, seeing as how it applies to life so often, and since jim crow laws were actually SUPPOSED to be like that, im giving the crow a chance to live up to its name.
cool concept if i say so myself. it ties to the blog title, definitions by my dictionary, i define words differently, putting me on a seperate level/wavelength as everyone else, but that doesnt mean when i disagree with someone completely, were not both right, if they percieve a word differently from me, they can be right on their system, while im right on mine, very seperate but equal. im now mature enough to see that we dont have to think the same, and i think thats so cool.
i also think im so cool, and my interpretation of the word arrogant states that im not, because i think i deserve the title, after assesing it logically. if people can form opinions on me, why cant i?
-just a litlle pinking (pleasant overthinking)
as definined by charles hamilton.

"secretly a genius, (by my standards) publicly a fool, (cuz the public is generally wrong) sucks to be this cool (it really does)"
-robertTHEallen, JIMmytheCrow, S.Killa Tha Villian

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