Wednesday, May 27, 2009

M.M. Chronicles 2(009)

after the SECOND epic fail

strike two, i more than like you
i get chills down my spine even when i write you
i guess it means that i love your conversation
as well as your companionship, which brings a complication
its pretty tough catching feelings for a friend
i once fought it & lost now its like here we go again
its all the same & it wont change its pretty strange
cuz youve said im a great guy but its never a great time
now ive finally got the message, the "us" just wont happen
but please do this just forgive me for how i acted
wasnt intenentional, i really didnt want to
& never planned on it but it was hard to never want you
but now i see, youll never want to be with me
youre an M im an R, & those two letters dont make WE
& i really hate to admit this its an ugly fact
but ill love you always reguardless if you love me back

yeah... this just made it obvious

I is for Incredible, that's how you make me feel
L is for the Love i have for you, it's oh so real
O is for the Only girl who stay's within my heart
V is for how Very special you've been to me from the start
E is for the Every moment that i hope that we can share
Y is for the Years ive know you, years i've always cared
O is for Outstanding miss, let's face it girl you're fine ;)
U is for only for yoU girl, the one i wish was mine

im not saying this to be sweet either.
i really mean it ♥
~come the fck on, the bolded fragments werent riddiculously upfront?~
where it started getting hard to deny

she's had my heart for a while now
i love more than her style now
so i guess that it's the time now
to tell her what's real
although she looks quite amazing
her inside's driving me crazy
she's lovely to the core
and yeah that's how i feel
she's one hell of a lady
i'd say that she's the best
the kind seen in my dreams
so let me make a request
and i know im not ray-j but heres my one wish
girl please just do this
1 kiss
your 2 lips (muah)

started it up (could be mistaken as flirting)

i can stare into the windows of your soul
and through those holes i can tell you're composed of pure gold
what's the words miss?
when you're fine as wine
add that combine
to the fact that you have a beautiful mind
figured it out yet?
perfection is the answer
you can leave any man stunned
like a perfect geisha dancer
and im kinda under your trance hun
yes its true
and i kinda love this girl
and i guess its you

yeah, didnt get the girl, again..
-some good music came out of it though
(yeah i know, the acrostic shows just how much of a sucker i am)
yeah 2 years ago i underwent a similar process, hence the [2(oo9)]
-with similar music (i wasnt as lyrically talented then though)
i may post the old stuff, may not...

"i cant rap man im just a musician"
-charles hamilton
maybe next time(girl)???

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