Saturday, May 2, 2009


is how im looking at life right now.
like dead ass, its like mental numbness.
in honesty this week has swallowed more come than that bridgette chick
(im screwed if someone from school reads this lol)
testing all week, 2 finals, and SAT's... fawwwK dude, no bueno.

but im getting through it all, as always...
ayo... since im like superman and ish, wheres the lois lane at?
like dead ass, im not digging the single life... not tryna poke every chick in sight either...
-knowing my dad was a whore makes me wanna do right by women i guess....
*dont get it confused though, never desperate.

ehh, tired of blogging so im out like a fat chick in dodgeball, haha

until next time its, ...

(dot blogspot dot com)

and ps. i rescended my rescention of the maribel thing.
damn it... so done with the yo-yo shit (the cuss was nessecary)

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