Saturday, May 9, 2009

so breeze

about everything right now.
i dont remember the last time i was so content, like everything just feels right right now.
i like it.

for the first time in a long while i dont feel any pressure to do anything, and it feels good.
and im glad to know for a fact that my best friend doesn't secretly hate me, and actually appreciates my advice/help.
i like being appreciated, i aslso like helping people.
-which could be considersed selfish as both require someone else to lack something...
*im CRAZY overthinking that
i wish i could go for a walk right now, it feels amazing outside, its warm with a nice breeze, i wanna just wander around aimlessly, enjoying the lack of something to do.
-its odd. i normally get bored when im not busy, right now i actually like it.

*i need to keep this mood, its probably healthy

"i want nothing, because in reality, i have everything i need. and thats all i really ever wanted"
-me (totally just made that up)


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