Tuesday, June 30, 2009


so at first i didnt like summer
-hardly went out
-not many people to talk too
-had a vicious cussing problem
but theres been some recent changes
-still dont go out
-still few people in contact
-my perception changed for the better though
-im [over the bitching and] enjoying what i got
-im so happy me and kim are close again,
its not like it was last year but its good enough
-and i cuss a lot less, and its for the right reason more often
[i know i said bitching in this post ok]

ok im done now,

*oh and theres less family drama

Monday, June 29, 2009

another reason why i dont like people

this whole co-sign on micheal jackson after he's dead thing is a damn shame.
people talked shit on him until the day he died. and in some cases after...[smh at derrell]
and now everyones on his pole now that hes gone.
you dont hear anymore of that pedofile shit now, which is good, but the reasoning sucks.
it shouldnt take a man dying to get forgiveness for something that wasnt proven to be true.

im not about to black, its not gunna change things...


most importantly, rest in peace to mike, one of the most influential entertainers ever...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

D.O.A. (Death Of All-Of-It)

jay killed this one
the beat is type dope as well
i love the symbols in the vid too

Dig my version.
damn i need to record this...

ok the concepts not original, no werthers
yeah jay started it up but im takin' it further
not just the auto-tune lets murk stupidity
they both gotta go, but if not, get rid of me
gotta be kiddin me, this shits ridiculous
what once was pro-black's now just strictly niggerish
shit's just ignorant, it lacks the substance
we let it slide for too long yall, lets make this public
yo mon, me no love dis, aint rastafari
and yeah i undertsnd yall we gots to party
but this nonsense makes me wanna get violent
this is death of all of it, moment of silence

nahh nahh nahh nahh (the lying)
nahh nahh nahh nahh (the killing)
hey hey hey (ignorance)

first issue, lets deal with the lame acts
rap road rage noone knows where they lane's at
just tryna be famous, no real target to aim at
cant be theyself so they try to bite lil wayne's swag
when that fails they switch, lets be a gangsta
i got guns so now you scared of me aint cha?
just sayin anything even if it aint facts
bluff gets called, and next he gets his chain snatched
thats what you get, next time try realistic
the true lyrics & life, anyone miss it?
we got stupid now we gettin violent
this is death of all of it, moment of silence

nahh nahh nahh nahh (the lying)
nahh nahh nahh nahh (the killing)
hey hey hey (ignorance)

not for attention no not tyrna be the mic king
im strictly on my spike tryna do the right thing
and yall aint even gotta love it
not the best rhyme ever, but it is one hundred
im like fuck it, and i aint gunna chill bro
gettin my point across is more important than a ill flow
ok i stole that line from mister hamilton
now that were clear, let me get back to the rant again
el ending & the fin... this shoulda been arrived
lets hunt it everywhere... make it a genocide
extermination yeah it'll be violent
this is death of all of it, moment of silence

nahh nahh nahh nahh (the lying)
nahh nahh nahh nahh (the killing)
hey hey hey (ignorance)

we gotta kill all this bullsh1t yall
this mental recession is greatly depressin...



ps. i wrote all that in like half an hour
& i usually cant do whole songs

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

its been a while...

and my life is at the same spot it was at my last entry.
which is why i havent posted anything until now
still all the same issues
with the addittion of me being bored now that its summer

oh, and monica has a boyfriend now, which shouldnt bug me, but it really does
-will i ever let it go?

on the plus side, im diggin that new wale mixtape. [back to the feature]

and i had a very brief supernatural vacation

ehhh, dealing with wack destiny
-thats a chiasmus in a way lol (nerd joke)


Sunday, June 7, 2009

this perfect life

needs to hurry the hell up already.

my life also needs to become a perfect one already
(insert a big ol' HUH? from everyone who reads this)

this perfect life is charles hamilton's major label debut album,
and get this; hes putting up for free download, months before actually selling it.

am i the only one who thinks that is crazy?
dude that takes balls, for obvious reasons that i dont even need to write
but im one of the reasons he's doing it, i will actually buy that album.
-after downloading the original two months before
(as long as i like it,) & i kinda like the rest of his stuff...
actually, even if i dont ill still buy it, this guys given over a gigabyte of music i like already, and this will help pay him back for his time at least.

ok, switch focus to me now...

my life is great in some aspects, but terrible in others.
in a lot of ways, i have no idea what the hell im doing.
-thats why i always laugh when monica says i seem like i always have everything under control
i have no clue what i want for my future, (well other than to be happy, however i can)
no solid career plan, but my dad wants me to delve into one
side note...
but it draws from a lot of things, & not letting my dad down is one
-massive fckin paradox

my "love life" is also in the (remove expletive) crapper, as well
-cant have my dream girl
-cant have my current flame... which may be a good thing
-cant have my crush
it sucks knowing theres probably a really good reason that youre alone all the time,
being different makes you an outcast, and although i bitch about it; its meant to be
-yeah im saying im destined to be alone, not on some emo sh1t either

yeah i would go further into all this but my mom needs the computer, ill probably not in this mental zone to finish this rant later, but oh well

almost at this perfect life,

*yo, i love how my subliminal messaging is explained, yet never understood, im just that good

Thursday, June 4, 2009

i found the best way to kill a conversation

with a taken girl that likes you.
dead ass tell her you shouldn't be flirting with her cuz she's not available.
my phone hasn't recieved a text from her in a while.
-sucks; i kinda dig the girl, but messing with the taken chick is so last summer (literally)

~i wonder if they will ever read this blog~
-if you do, congrats, im glad you two are making it work together
^(they know who they are)

yikes, this love life of mine...

from the tris & tribs of,

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i couldnt have said it better myself

"i suck at flirting; im worse at monogamy
i cant seem to stick with just one person"

"its my duty to prove im the sh1t
so is it cocky when i say that im why music exists?"

"since when does a color determine if you spit hard
or just how fckin determined you are?"

"i wont lie you are brash with delivery
but you're not one to dash from your inner beast"

"since we changed the whole system of democracy
why you afraid to even listen to my honesty?"

"if i had a dollar every time i heard
'this nigga rap? fck this n1gga got on? this n1gga wack!'
i swear by now id have benjamin stack,
spend it on crap, & then get it back in 10 minutes flat"

"and i got no swagger at all; no swag what-so-ever
but i got that kinda uh oh clever that can make you feel like youre only but so clever"

"man you sittin on the strangest border
between true love & restraining order"

"i got em sayin' 'this n1gga so nice
its unforgivable like my n1gga Bovice"

"so fck you rappers & your bikes & your chains
this is my life, sadness that'll brighten your day"

this is one of my life coaches, my mentors & my best friends; and ive never met the guy
who has a ton of respect?

deja vu?

last year around this time a friend who had a boyfriend caught feelings for me.
TODAY i find out that the same thing happened; also taken, also summertime.

yo thats max bizarre

and so people dont ever figure this out i wont go into detail
-i gave you like a tenth...

from the oh so very the crazy life of...


ceased to have a point, just gotta live through tomorrow i guess.
did absolutely nothing (academic anyway lol)

kinda upset about my lang grade...
-ehh not too big of a deal though

i wanna go to the graduation; see eveyone one last time
-happy i get to, sad i have to

"that breaks my heart, you should kiss it and make it better"
-she proceedes to kiss my chest

haha i say/do some pretty dumb things for fun.
oh well thats just,