Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i couldnt have said it better myself

"i suck at flirting; im worse at monogamy
i cant seem to stick with just one person"

"its my duty to prove im the sh1t
so is it cocky when i say that im why music exists?"

"since when does a color determine if you spit hard
or just how fckin determined you are?"

"i wont lie you are brash with delivery
but you're not one to dash from your inner beast"

"since we changed the whole system of democracy
why you afraid to even listen to my honesty?"

"if i had a dollar every time i heard
'this nigga rap? fck this n1gga got on? this n1gga wack!'
i swear by now id have benjamin stack,
spend it on crap, & then get it back in 10 minutes flat"

"and i got no swagger at all; no swag what-so-ever
but i got that kinda uh oh clever that can make you feel like youre only but so clever"

"man you sittin on the strangest border
between true love & restraining order"

"i got em sayin' 'this n1gga so nice
its unforgivable like my n1gga Bovice"

"so fck you rappers & your bikes & your chains
this is my life, sadness that'll brighten your day"

this is one of my life coaches, my mentors & my best friends; and ive never met the guy
who has a ton of respect?

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