Sunday, June 7, 2009

this perfect life

needs to hurry the hell up already.

my life also needs to become a perfect one already
(insert a big ol' HUH? from everyone who reads this)

this perfect life is charles hamilton's major label debut album,
and get this; hes putting up for free download, months before actually selling it.

am i the only one who thinks that is crazy?
dude that takes balls, for obvious reasons that i dont even need to write
but im one of the reasons he's doing it, i will actually buy that album.
-after downloading the original two months before
(as long as i like it,) & i kinda like the rest of his stuff...
actually, even if i dont ill still buy it, this guys given over a gigabyte of music i like already, and this will help pay him back for his time at least.

ok, switch focus to me now...

my life is great in some aspects, but terrible in others.
in a lot of ways, i have no idea what the hell im doing.
-thats why i always laugh when monica says i seem like i always have everything under control
i have no clue what i want for my future, (well other than to be happy, however i can)
no solid career plan, but my dad wants me to delve into one
side note...
but it draws from a lot of things, & not letting my dad down is one
-massive fckin paradox

my "love life" is also in the (remove expletive) crapper, as well
-cant have my dream girl
-cant have my current flame... which may be a good thing
-cant have my crush
it sucks knowing theres probably a really good reason that youre alone all the time,
being different makes you an outcast, and although i bitch about it; its meant to be
-yeah im saying im destined to be alone, not on some emo sh1t either

yeah i would go further into all this but my mom needs the computer, ill probably not in this mental zone to finish this rant later, but oh well

almost at this perfect life,

*yo, i love how my subliminal messaging is explained, yet never understood, im just that good

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