Monday, July 20, 2009

eSKay verses

i have no faith in my phone's safety, so ill put the lyrics here
>all intentionally negative<
its a persona
im showing you that i can articulate ignorance and have it be both lyrical, and inherently dumb


shes on the brink so i hope that you aint loyal to ya wife
she was like a bush the way she got the oil out my pipe
im nice, im livin my life, im chillin with ice
im spendin crazy chips for real i be forgettin the price
ridiculous, come on please name another dude as sick as this
the only boy thats ever been this fuckin hot is icarus
niggas just, end with "hes great" when they mention this
ill close with my name its eSKay yeah remember it

i did this to the beat for chillin by wale

who and what let you know from beggining
call me eskay with the flow i am vicious
never lame i kill it
no im not wale but i came to get it
reiterate yes flame i spit it
shine's bling i dont even need a chain i glisten
doing my thangs my mission
and if you couldnt tell god dang im gifted
ps i stay stacked with the O's
ridiculous i dont know how to act with the dough
and that seems to attract all the hos
im the best from the rap to the mack to the clothes
this next line is a wrap for you though
i only drive cars seen in the rao videos
and once again with the rap im a pro
its a fact on the track i aint average joe

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