Monday, August 17, 2009


yeah so i didnt get the girl...
happy for her - yes
happy - no
the guys a lowkey d-bag

i tried and i failed yeah i shot and i missed
i still see a way to be close so i will just take this
a different kinda relationship with love but were not dating miss
yes i do plan to be close and a much as a friend can get
first off ill let you know im not trying to take his place
aint got a plan or a plot nor am i trying to plead a case
but what i will do is say that i do want you in my life
ill gladly be the best man since i cant have you as my wife
i just wanna be on your line, be connected
dont even need the x & o be my best friend
i know, ive been rejected still gotta have you some way
heres a secret i still dream that ill have you one day
pathetic maybe so how im never letting go
but im stubborn with my loving through and through from head to toe
and i know, it wont happen its what im expecting
but since i cant be your man ill be the next best thing
just hanging out no dates pecks on the cheek, no face
and while id love to hold your hand side be side's just great
as long as im in your presence its better than christmas presents
we'll be good and friendly like the words in this message

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